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“Janine DiVita- that’s J-A-N-I-N-E-D-I-V-I-T-A- capital V in that- when she sings....she tears the house down.” -Mel Brooks
— Times Union
“The beautiful Janine Divita’s performance of Evita is one that [Patti] LuPone would applaud. Divita is the real deal. She becomes Evita with every breath she takes, every elegant move she makes, as well as with every word she sings....

Divita’s voice is glorious, filling the theatre with a majestic quality that captivates audiences just as the real Evita Peron captured the working-class hearts of Juan Peron’s Argentina during the World War II and post War era.”
— Long Islander News
“Janine DiVita oozes sensuality and intelligence. “
— Theatre Scene
DiVita [as Claire] wears a mask of edgy self-assurance with a splendid hint of the insecurity it conceals.
— Washington Post
“Janine DiVita...is the divalicious Lady of the Lake. Equal parts Barbra and Beyoncé with a belt to shake the rafters...she is a hilarious, campy singing actress.”
— KC Metro
“Little Edie, played by the enchanting Janine DiVita, is simultaneously innocent and vampish, with a voice that will rip your heart out of your chest.”
— PDX Pipeline


Interview with Janine DiVita of "If/Then:" Trusting the Universe.